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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 1 down

Wow - what a week! Even though I didn't accomplish all as planned this week - what a transformation I have experienced. As I look at my nutrition journal, I noticed some pluses and deltas as we use in the administrative world.
  • went from a coke or more a day to only one this week
  • drank 287.3 oz or 2.2 gallons of water this week
  • felt more refreshed in the mornings than I have in awhile
  • did my 1 mile run in 13 minutes
  • did aerobic exercise and got my heart pumping fast
  • feel proud of what I can do
Deltas (what I still need to work on)
  • try strength workouts as scheduled next week
  • try yoga sessions as scheduled
  • plans meals on Sunday

Another great thing happened this week - it was stressful, but I was successful!
I defended my PhD proposal and have passed. :-)  Now on to the actually study and data analysis and then by May - Dr. Rinehart ;-)  YIPPEE


  1. Sounds like a pretty good week. I'm proud of the Coke limitation. Whew! That's a hard one! Nice will power there, girl. And great job with the PhD defense. Let the games begin, huh? Have a good week future Dr. Rinehart. :)

  2. Good stuff, Tara. Can't wait to hear how Week 2 has gone!