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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 2

Week 2 has gone well - stayed away from the burgers, fries and cokes that I would have had prior to starting the project. We traveled a lot this week and boy there sure aren't many places that offer healthy food for those on the road. I did pick salads and bottled water at the places we stopped. Now my next goal is the preplanning. I am a working mother of 3 and think it would really benefit me to pre plan all my meals for the week. I have heard of people doing this and know that there are companies out there that allow you to go to their business and do it. I would just like to start off at my home. This might be something we can get a few members of the project together to do. Not sure how to put something together like that, but I know it would help me. I just need healthy recipes. I have noticed as I go through my recipe book - those recipes passed down from family etc. are all horrible for my family. YIKES! So anyone who has recipes for a family of 5 that are healthy but kid friendly - I am all ears. Hope you all had  a great week and I look forward to making even more progress this coming week!!


  1. That is what I am working on! I am finding that my kids are going to have several new "family tradition" recipes to pass down. Sorry Grandma! I want to keep the old recipes for the memories they bring back, but then what are we giving our own kids? I have decided to revamp my (not so big) recipe book and give them foods that they will be able to make their own memories of and feel good about doing so even as they are older.

    Food prepping is certainly not my strongest area, but am working on it. If a group wants to meet I would be interested. I have 2 kiddo's so when I come across a good recipe I will send it your way. Have a great week! Carrie

  2. The crusty chicken recipe on Amber's blog is good. I tried that tonight, and it was a hit with my family. Very simple, but good. Also the black bean brownie recipe I posted I tried today as well, and it was VERY good. It ends up to be about 110 calories per brownie.

  3. I am totally impressed you stayed away from the burgers and fries. What delicious weaknesses! Just the smell gets my tummy a grumblin' some days. Nice work, girl!